Film Productions

If are looking for props transportation, a reliable shuttle-service, location scouting or film festival movement, YOU are the right place!!

Our skilled and experienced drivers are flexible and versatile. They know exactly what it takes in preparatory works, and the logistics required throughout the entire film production process. We take care of all your pick-ups, transfers or regular shuttle services during and through the film- and TV-production, location scouting, castings, shootings, festivals and events.

We are one of the first choice companies recommended by the German, as well as international film production companies. We provide experienced drivers to transport the entire crew as well as single actors, technicians, etc. and also provide further personal services like catering during transport.

Our versatile team is totally flexible when it comes to timing issues, drivers are ALWAYS reliable and on time. You can trust us implicitly to take away the logistical nightmares that always happen in this space.

All your drivers will be proficient in both English and German, know the dynamics on and off set, and can provide additional information about local conditions and places of interest

We provide all kinds of transportation and shuttle-services as well as delivery transfers of sponsored vehicles or shooting vehicles the throughout film production process .